Journey to Healthy

When I gain weight, it feels like forever to shed those extra pounds. Doesn’t it?

It is hard when the weight gain is due to worries and things that are out of our hands. As a Christian I should know better, but I’m a human being – I make mistakes. The good thing about this is when the Lord shows me over and over He’s got this too.

For months, I’ve been gaining weight and now the only thing that fits are my flip-flops. That’s just part of the problem. My biggest issue is my health. I’m not too tall and my body is feeling the weight, so it needs to come off. What people thinks of me now that I am not “Barbie” doesn’t really matter, what truly matters is what my Creator thinks of me. Guess what, He sent his Son to die for us so…. I’m worth it! My body is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells and I need to get healthy.

I’ve done it before so I will do it again. Years ago, I lost weight after giving birth to my boys. I was 180 lbs. for the first boy and 160 lbs. for the second one. I lost the weight in less than 6 months and back to 130 lbs. As I learn and understand who I was meant to be, I’m realizing that worrying will not take me anywhere but back to fear.

I’m starting small, but in a smart way. I want to enjoy the ride and not be miserable starving myself to lose the weight. I will start by cutting my biggest temptation – sweets, adding fruits and veggies to my meals and doing exercise. It’s going to take me some time to lose the weight but, I’ll get there.

Do you have to lose weight?  Want to do it with me? Let’s support each other. Leave your comments below.

I will share my progress with you.

Stay tuned!