For years I looked for solutions to resolve our marital problems. I tried vacations, getaways and whatever I could think of but nothing worked.

I accepted an invitation to church as a last resource. I figured, I’ve got nothing to lose. Weeks later I received Christ as my Savior and things started to take a turn. Now I didn’t have to handle anything, He had it under control. What a weight off my shoulders. After that day many beautiful things happened, including my husband being saved and my son healed from severe asthma. Almost 10 years later we have the joy of having a great marriage, two wonderful sons and soon we’ll be celebrating 19 years of marriage.

The Lord’s grace sustains us, and we owe it all to Him. Every day of our lives is a new opportunity to start again. We all have struggles and difficulties and a way we use to refocus is by filling our day with praise and worship. We do that with a little help from our favorite Christian singers.

I don’t know about you, but music revitalize me.

We would love to share with you our favorites worship singer’s videos.