Pick Your Own

Connecticut has great orchards where you can pick your own fruits. This is something super cool for me since I didn’t have that opportunity where I grew up . We took a trip to our favorite orchard to get some fruit to help mama with her Journey to get Healthy (stay tune for more about my weight loss journey).

Lyman Orchard is located in Middlesex County, not far from major towns. We waited for a sunny day to enjoy a trip to the orchard.

At the time of our visit we could enjoy a few crops.

First stop… peaches


With lots of peach trees my boys had a blast walking up and down trying to pick good peaches for mama.

They did pretty good. This was our crop.

Pretty good, right!

Beside the opportunity to pick our fruit, we also enjoyed the beauty of our Creator.

Next stop, blueberries. Well in August blueberries are pretty much gone but we wanted to give it a try.

They had a small section that still had some blueberries. We were advised it was the last day for picking blueberries because the season was over.

Not much but a little something left for us.



Just a bit but it was enough for a smoothie. Price was great just paid $0.96

We kept going to see what was next.

To my surprise, they had some apples. Not as much as end of summer-fall season, but what a nice surprise.

Beautiful trees full of juicy apples for a sweet summer.

Crispy Ginger gold apples. Yummy!

Right next to the apples we found two different kinds of pears. Believe me this orchard has a great variety of fruits.


After the fruits – The Sunflower Maze

It was like an ocean of sunflowers. So peaceful, so beautiful.

Did that silly bee try to photobomb my pictures? Just realized there was a bee on both photos.

When on a budget we can’t always do everything, so the boys had to decide if they wanted to do the maze or some sweets at the apple barrel. Apple barrel won! We enjoyed looking at the maze and taking pictures.

Apple Barrel here we go… can’t wait to see what’s cooking.

Not quite sure what was happening to this tree and fruit picker but, Ok.

The most difficult part here is what to buy. They have so many yummy, fresh products. PLEASE HELP! But remember I need to eat healthy so I need to behave. At the Apple Barrel, you can find endless homemade (at Lyman) products like breads, juices, pies, jellies and of course fruits.

After shopping – sit and enjoy!

Somebody had a great time.

If you are in Connecticut or plan to visit, Lyman Orchards is definitely a great place to visit with the family.


Lyman Orchards offers free parking and plastic bags at every pick your own site. You can pay cash or credit. Go to http://lymanorchards.com


Do you have orchards near you? Have you visited one?

Tell me about your experience.

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