When I’m done with EVERYTHING I have to do with the boys and around the house, I go to my workshop and “Don’t interrupt me”.

Oh, how I enjoy coming out of that room with a new piece.

Beloved by Lee N was a dream given by the Lord. I had no clue how this was going to turn out.

As you probably read, I like things perfect and this has stopped me from doing many things. Beloved by Lee N was no exception. When I started creating, doubt showed up: “I won’t be able to do this, who’s going to buy my products, blah, blah, blah.”

Well “Let’s try and see”. I started with infinity scarves. Long hours of trial and error almost stopped me. Tried and tried and they didn’t look good, but finally, GOT IT!

One of my first creations

Connecticut could get pretty cold during the winter, so what’s better than a cozy infinity scarf. I made this beauty for me. I too deserve a treat.

Tried different styles and they SOLD OUT.

When spring came, I started jewelry. This too was a success.

Imagine if I would’ve listened to my negative thoughts. I would not know what I was capable of.

My mission with Beloved by Lee N is to show women they are beautiful and one of a kind. DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS.

This started two years ago and now through media, Etsy and friends; I sell my handmade products. I totally love the fact I can create a unique piece for each woman who purchases my products. A person that creates is always reinventing and challenging oneself.

I look forward to sharing with you my creations and the reason behind them.