What to get him for Christmas

Christmas can be a busy and difficult season if we forget what truly Christmas is…. the birth of our Savior Jesus. Let’s not get overwhelmed when trying to buy the perfect gift for him – for that special man in your life. He might be your husband, boyfriend, father or other men in your life that deserves the perfect gift. This beautiful season if to spend time with loved ones and exchange gifts when possible. I believe that when you love someone and that someone loves you, even when there are no gifts involved we can have a great time together. The important part of Christmas is that we get together and share our love.

I had to do a bit of research myself to see what’s out there for Christmas so I have an idea what to buy. To my surprise, I found something new that sounds like the right thing for this Christmas. I won’t say what it is because I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but it will be part of the list you will see below. I have a real difficulty when buying gifts for men. I think they are more difficult than women. For us, a lotion, a candle or some Pj’s would do it, but for men, there’s always a “what if” when it comes to gifts – at least that’s how I feel. Let’s see what happens this year. Don’t forget: if we are stressed out we can’t enjoy the holidays and that’s not worth it. If you give a gift and they don’t like it, well give them the gift receipt… they can go change it for something else.

Here are a few ideas you can use to guide you choose the perfect gift for him. I try to stay away from the usual, socks and underwear although if they really need them, then just go ahead, they are never too much.

Gifts never rejected:

  • Watches – Fossil and Movado are great brands
  • Cologne – get him something different a not the usual
  • Gift set – shower gel and lotion sets are pretty popular
  • Docking station – I found a few great ones when searching online. With this station, he can charge his phone, put his keys, watches, and jewelry all in one place.
  • Gifts cards from his favorite stores
  • Clothes and shoes – Shirts, sweaters, ties

If you are planning to be a bit more generous, these gifts will be the ones for him: 

  • Cellphone – many new ones available
  • Speakers – Bluetooth/wireless are awesome
  • Drone – for the adventurous men
  • Tablet – plenty of sizes and colors available
  • Home theater- for movie fans
  • Movies – for those days off
  • Headphones – for multiple uses – when taking the train, walking or just alone time
  • Jewelry – personalize it and give it a great touch

I hope these ideas help you choose the perfect gift for him. Don’t forget – If Jesus is out of Christmas our Christmas is empty.


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