Puerto Rico – A Caribbean Paradise

You know the strength of a country when hardship strikes. Hurricane Maria brought unprecedented destruction to the Caribbean. Puerto Rico, “The Land of the Lamb”, as many know the Island, was struck with a Category 4 hurricane. The magnitude of a hurricane with winds of 155 mph is no joke. With sustained winds of 130-156 mph, a hurricane this powerful snaps trees from its roots, wood properties are torn down and even cement structures are affected. Communication towers and electricity poles get knocked out and running water is interrupted because there’s no electricity. Having no running water for the daily needs like drinking and showering makes it difficult enough, then adding to that, no electricity to keep the refrigerator going, stove for cooking and air conditioners to ease the Caribbean heat, it’s impossible to keep it “normal”. With no cell towers, people in the island are not able to communicate to ask for help or notify their loved ones they are OK. The infrastructure was destroyed. Many parts of Puerto Rico are mountains, making it almost impossible to distribute vital provisions.

I want you to know a bit more:

Puerto Rico measures 100 x 35 miles. You can drive around the island in just one day. It consists of 78 municipalities with about 3.4 million residents. The island has been blessed with the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the Caribbean Sea to the south, these two make splendorous beaches for all to enjoy. Also on the east of the island we find the rainforest – El Yunque. Right in the middle of island is La Cordillera Central, a group of mountains that forms in the interior of Puerto Rico and extends about 50 miles.

You can also enjoy:

  • caves
  • waterfalls
  • bioluminescent bays
  • surfing
  • zip lining
  • hiking
  • snorkeling
  • museums
  • delicious food
  • waterfalls

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