Just keep breathing

You can do this Lee  ~ COME ON ~

Have you ever need to encourage yourself to do something you know is good for you? I do it every day.

Exercising is hard for me. Is it that way for everyone? At the beginning of the week I try to decide which days I will exercise. This will help me mentally prepare. I don’t think about it too much. If I spend too much time preparing to go exercise or thinking about it, I won’t do it. I literally drag myself to do some exercise. Why is this? I don’t know but it is super hard to start. I do know it’s good for my health and will help with the weight loss so I’m pushing myself, but still dragging. Current weight 168.5 lbs.

This has been the highest I’ve been since I had my boys. At this weight, I’m easily out of breath, my knees hurt and my clothes don’t fit. I DO NOT like to wear clothes I’m not comfortable in. So along with exercising I am trying to eat my three meals (super hard because I’m not used to it) and cut most of the sweets I like. Oh, this change hasn’t been easy but I take it one day at a time. This way I won’t get desperate to lose the weight and at the first set back get discouraged.

Today my exercise will be outdoors. I want to breathe fresh air, feel the sun on my face and smile at others while I’m trying to catch my breath. Well, the beach sounds like a great idea since we’re still enjoying pleasant weather. I don’t have a time limit or distance I want to meet, just walk and try my best to keep moving. Once there, I doubt I want to do it and here goes the monologue in my head; “I have dishes to wash and a house to clean, maybe I can do this another day”. But no, I need to do this for me. The dishes and the house will be there, they can wait. My health on the other hand is priority because there’s a lot of things I still need to do, see and experience.

Playlist ready, let’s go.

A few minutes walking and the questions started: “Should I turn back?” “This is going to be a long walk.” “Maybe I’ll walk 5 minutes and that’s it.” Like many things in life, this walk was a challenge, quitting was an easy way out. But I didn’t, I did not quit. If I quit every time my mind tries to convince me to, I will not achieve anything in life. I kept walking, looking around and smiling at strangers. I enjoyed every minute of it. The more I walked the better I felt. I can do this!


This is how I finished, EXHAUSTED (this blog will show my reality). I was having such a great time I didn’t feel anything until I stopped. I finished 45 minutes later and my “everything” was hurting. My knees were sore and my feet were killing me. I needed a massage, but no massage available at that time, so I sat on a rock looking at the ocean. I enjoy looking at nature it helps me relax.

After such a tiring walk I wanted to be alone and relax. It was amazingly quiet and peaceful. In life, we need to take time to stop, breathe, regroup and keep going. As a wife and mother, I get overwhelmed when trying to keep up with everything and everybody. Many times, I fail to take care of myself and that doesn’t help. During this new chapter of my life I’m making time for me, taking time for me, just Lee.

 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Psalm 139:14

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  1. The fitness journey is not an easy one! We’re all in this life together and share so many of the same challenges. It’s so good to connect with you on your journey. Keep it up!

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