At the city

Surprise yourself every time you can. Take a day or just a few hours to try something new, something that might be out of your comfort zone but that will make you smile. Fear will never win.

The weather was amazing – blue skies and temperature just in the 80’s. ” A PICTURE-PERFECT” kind of day.

I rarely travel without my husband. He usually drives and I give the directions to always get him lost – at least that’s what he says.

Since I was little I suffered from different kinds of fear. As I write this post, I’m smiling, for many of those who know me, this is shocking and totally not me. Throughout the years I learned how to put my smiley face and keep going when my heart raised and I felt I was going to faint.

Just us girls to the city – totally out of my comfort zone.

New York City is full of life, lights and good food. A wonderful place to visit alone, with family or friends. I took a 24-hour trip to N.Y.C. with a few of my girlfriends. I must confess, I didn’t know this was going to be such a great trip.

We drove down early afternoon to avoid traffic and 1 ½ hr. later, YES, we arrived.

I was a bit lost because the girls planned the trip and I just followed along. Fear knocked at the door that day, but I said, not today fear. One thing I knew for sure, I wanted to laugh, eat and maybe buy a few things.

We dropped everything off at the hotel and we were on our way to explore. First stop, Times Square. The famous spot where the New Year’s Eve ball drops.

At any time of the year, Times Square is full of people who live and work there. Also, many of us, tourists wanting to know more about the city that never sleeps.

This is a typical NYC picture at any time of the day. Full of people, cars, yellow cabs and tall buildings.

You have a variety of things to see and do while in Times Square. From people doing shows, coffee shops and a yummy bakery.

We stopped at Carlos Bakery, home of the famous TV show the Cake Boss. The bakery is located right in Times Square so we didn’t have to go far to enjoy a sweet treat. So many yummy sweets, I didn’t know where to start. I promise I just had 1.

As we continued to walk, walk and walk I enjoyed the culture diversification and the cool things you can find on the way.

This was a real person. The funny things you find in NYC.

So many amazing talents that it’s hard to choose from.

A little something to take home.

Different ways of transportation can be used in the city.

Take a horse, bike, taxi, car, bus or just walk and enjoy the city.

We were getting hungry and had no idea what we wanted to eat, so we turned to our phones to search. Because life is not perfect, the first restaurant wasn’t a good fit so we left and stopped at Havana Central. Cuban food, for the first time hmm. 

Havana Central was not our first choice, but worth the change.

We tried a few super delicious plates. Service was great and prices pretty good too. They even had live music.

Fried plantains with guacamole

Fried pastelillos with different meats

After late dinner, no more energy to keep going it’s time to walk back to the hotel.

Fear continued to knock here and there while walking around the city. But no more fear for this wonderful woman. I’ve missed out too many times – not again.

I finished my night with a stoning view outside our hotel window. I took a few moments to admire the quietness of the skies and to thank the Lord for helping me to have a day of victory.

Have you visited New York City or are planning to?

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