Hello world!

Welcome to Who I was meant to be. With this blog, I wish to share with the world the life of a wife and mother who now understands that being perfect was not part of her original design. Day by day I’m learning how to enjoy life, laugh about my mistakes and when I fall, just get up and try again. Let’s enjoy this journey called life.

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Visiting Nature

Connecticut has great orchards where you can pick your own fruits. This is something super cool for me since I didn’t have that opportunity where I grew up. We took a trip to our favorite orchard to get some fruit and help mama with her Journey to Healthy (stay tune for more about my weight loss journey).

Lyman Orchards is located in Middlesex County, not far from major towns. We waited for a sunny day to enjoy a trip to the orchard.

At the time of our visit we enjoyed a few crops.

First stop… peaches

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At the city

Surprise yourself every time you can. Take a day or just a few hours to try something new, something that might be out of your comfort zone but that will make you smile. Fear will never win.

The weather was amazing – blue skies and temperature just in the 80’s. ” A PICTURE-PERFECT” kind of day.

I rarely travel without my husband. He usually drives and I give the directions to always get him lost – at least that’s what he says.

Since I was little I suffered from different kinds of fear. As I write this post, I’m smiling, for many of those who know me, this is shocking and totally not me. Throughout the years I learned how to put my smiley face and keep going when my heart raised and I felt I was going to faint.

Just us girls to the city – totally out of my comfort zone.

New York City is full of life, lights and good food. A wonderful place to visit alone, with family or friends. I took a 24-hour trip to N.Y.C. with a few of my girlfriends. I must confess, I didn’t know this was going to be such a great trip.

We drove down early afternoon to avoid traffic and 1 ½ hr. later, YES, we arrived.

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